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Frequently Asked

What are the first steps to sign up for the SKLPT coaching program?

The first step is to book a 30 min discovery call with me, during this call I will get to know your needs and goals so that we can decide is the Life SKLPT program is the right fit for you.  Once we finish our call, I will have you fill out a detailed intake form that was created based on the program and from there we will begin this journey together!

How long is the Life SKLPT program and what’s the time commitment is involved?

The life SKLPT program is 12 weeks long, it includes 1 coaching call a week to discuss the focus of that week, the implementation of new habits, and working through any blocks to create new positive shifts in mindset. The program also includes a customized monthly movement plan that you will given based on your fitness goals and lifestyle as well as a nutrition program that’s tailored to your needs.

How is the Life SKLPT Coaching program delivered?

The program is done 100% virtually, it includes weekly video coaching calls, the workout programs will be uploaded to an app that you will have access to, you will also have access to a customized nutrition guide and plan as well as the worksheets and other materials.

What can I expect after completing the 12 week Life SKLPT program?

You will feel empowered and experience true vitality from the inside out.  You will have the tools to connect with your body and emotions, improve your mindset and build inner resilience in order to learn how to cope with stress and challenges more effectively. You will experience complete wellness and begin thriving in all areas of your life!



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