30 Day SKLPT Workout Program

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30-Day SKLPT Workout Program

This 30 Day SKLPT Workout Program is designed to help you break through any fitness plateau, provide you with the fundamentals of strength & conditioning training, boost your metabolism, and increase muscle mass. You will be guided through a series of full-body workouts 3 days a week that are functional & based on all of the movement patterns. Each week the goal is to progress in weights and or decrease the rest time between each circuit to improve your conditioning. Go at your own pace but challenge yourself!

You will also have full access to all 35 Workout videos, a nutrition plan & recipe guide that is sustainable, designed to keep your blood glucose levels stable throughout the day and improve energy levels. By the end of this program, you will experience more vitality, optimize your energy levels, and improve strength and body composition.

Are you ready for a transformation from the inside out?