Let’s get real, it’s all about the booty, who doesn’t want a nice round derriere? For females especially,having a great bum is the main topic in all the fitness magazines, blogs, on the radio ect. Sure, having a nice flat stomach and great abs was on the top of everyone’s list at one point but looks like having great set of glutes is more emphasized these days.  Not only are buns of steel nice to look at but they are also important for sports performance, daily activities and avoiding injuries.
Without strong glutes, you will be placing unneeded tension and strain on other muscle groups such as your lower back, hips and hamstrings which can lead to unwanted injuries.
Some people naturally have a rounder bum because of their genetic make up but that is not to say that you can’t develop your glutes over time. One of the most common questions asked is “How do I get a round and firm bum?” the answer is weight training.
It doesn’t take more than 4-5 different exercises to build a nice pair of cheeks; all you need is persistence and commitment in order to get results. When it burns, keep going don’t quit halfway through, when the burn comes that’s when you’re making changes. If you really want to focus on them, you should train them 2 x a week.
Going heavy on the weight is key to building your glutes and making it rounder, your rep range should be between 8-12 . When you perform your exercises, you should really be focusing on squeezing your glutes and feeling them activated throughout the movement.

Here are 4 exercises

  1. Back squats – Squats are known to be one the best lower body exercises because it targets all the major muscle groups (quads, hamstring, glutes and core). When you perform your squat and stop at parallel to the ground or just slightly above you will be targeting your quads more.  In order to really engage and fire up the glutes you should be squatting below parallel (hold for a few seconds) then drive up through the heels. Your stance should be shoulder width apart with feet slightly pointed outwards to put more emphases on the glutes and the rep range should be no more than 8-12.
  2.  Walking lunges – This exercise is sure to fire up the glutes and give you a great cardio workout especially when going deep into the movement and holding for a few seconds. The lunge has many variations, in order to really target the glutes you should be taking a wide step forward, going deep into the lunge, pause for a few seconds at the bottom then switch legs. Hold a set of dumbbells with a weight that is heavy enough to complete no more than 12 reps per leg.
  3. Wide stance leg press- By performing this movement in a wide stance you will be transferring the weight from the quads to the glutes and hamstrings. Place your feet high on the platform with only your heals resting on it and pointing your toes out to a 45 degree angle. Choose a weight that allows you to do no more than 12 reps. Unhinge the weight then bring the platform towards your chest, pause for a second and then push the weight back up by squeezing your glutes and hamstrings
  4. Split squats –  This is the ultimate glute exercise, try adding this is at the end of your routine, they burn but it works. Grab a set of dumbbells whether its 12lb, 15 or 20 lb depending how strong you are, and place one leg elevated on a bench.  When you perform this movement you should be going as deep as you can to get a good stretch in the glutes and hamstrings and then explode back up from the bottom.