When perfection is the aim, everything falls short, meaning that success is never internalized.” —Abby R. Imposter syndrome often shows up as a sense of self-doubt that can make a person feel like a fraud—despite evidence suggesting otherwise—but there are a few different pathways a person might take to get there. It works hand in hand with perfectionism with the same mindset that ” being competent means I should never make mistakes or ” nothing short of perfect is acceptable”.

In this Episode, Iris Serbanescu, Entrepreneur and the founder of wmnsWORK shares her story and struggles with imposter syndrome and perfectionism. She talks about the debilitating effects it had on her life especially in terms of performance at work. She highlights signs that you’re stuck in the cycle and ways to break it and escape the detrimental mindset that contributes to it as well as the important practices and tools that she used to overcome it.

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