When you are clear on your core values and your why you’ll be able to make sound choices about big decisions in life, such as your career direction, the people you surround yourself with, how you show up in the world and the energy that you want to emit each day. In this episode, Jana Webb, entrepreneur, published fitness writer, TedX speaker and the founder of Joga shares her personal journey that was filled with many challenges and adversities.
It was through these struggles where she discovered her why and purpose. She invites us into her inner world, and shares the wisdom that’s transpired as a result of her experiences.
We discuss the importance of mindset, the daily habits and rituals that have impacted her in a positive way as well as the valuable lessons that she learned during her recovery.
To learn more about Jana Webb’s Services and coaching, visit her website www.janawebb.ca and check out her latest training app http://jogaworld.app/ where you can get access to hundred of training videos and meditations

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