You can be an amazing trainer, with cutting edge programs, selling solid products but if you don’t have a powerful and compelling story that captures your target audience, it will be hard to stand out in a crowded industry. At the end of the day, you are selling yourself, YOU are your brand.

I remember when I first started training, I was hesitant to  tie my personal story  into my business. I was concerned about how exposed and vulnerable I would feel, but as I went on and trained many clients that we’re facing certain emotional and psychological barriers in relation to their fitness goals, I realized that I needed to put my own story out there. I wanted my clients to know that I had gone through my own struggles and ups and downs before being in a position to empower others. As I told my story with complete transparency, people started to connect with me on an emotional level.  I became someone they could relate to and trust. If you’re trying to figure out how to convey your message and craft your story, ask yourself these questions: What motivated you to get started? What do you hope to achieve? How does it make you feel when you help someone reach their goals?

My philosophy and brand is about empowering, motivating and inspiring others to reach optimal health and create the best versions of them through fitness.  My story is what helped me create a brand that stands out. What motivated me to start my business and dedicate my life to transforming other people’s lives was having gone through my own struggles when I was on my fitness journey. I was dealing with self-worth issues that drove me to the extremes of being underweight and overweight; I experienced what it was like to feel trapped in two bodies that weren’t mine. I then realized the importance of the mind and body connection in order to attain optimal health and balance. Once I came out strong and rose above my personal challenges I wanted to be someone that would inspire others and coach them through their fitness journeys. Transforming other people’s lives has been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience for me, my whole life became about giving back to others and making sure that whenever someone is finished training with me, they leave feeling better than when they came in.

Once you answer these questions, your story will come to life, and when you go out there and share it with others and potential clients, guess what? They share their story with you. You find common ground and connect. I’m not discounting the fact that you need to be able to deliver results because let’s face it, people want to see results, that’s why they hired you. Your story is simply the vehicle for communicating those facts and why they should trust you. You already have the story inside of you, you just need to bring it to life and share it.