How many times have you told yourself that you wanna quit your job, leave that relationship that isn’t serving you, travel the world or get healthier but somehow you stay stuck and are paralyzed by the fear of “ not being able to make it” or “ what will people think of me”?

“Do I have what it takes?” and all of the self-doubt and negative thoughts that run through your mind.

In this episode, I was joined by Rachel Molenda, Global mindset coach & Motivational speaker to unpack some of the limiting beliefs that stand in our way from living the life of our dreams. 

In this episode we will learn:

  • What it means to choose love over fear
  • How to honor our desires over our fear and how to use our emotions as information but not as a reason not to go for something
  • How to tame our inner critic and shift our inner narrative
  • How to prioritize our nervous system when making big life changes

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