Are you having trouble losing fat? Are you not sure what to eat and how often?  Let’s keep it simple this week by adding in these 5 metabolism boosting foods to your grocery list. Making small changes towards your health each week is the key to long term success. By gradually incorporating healthier foods into your diet , eventually your body will crave more of them and you will begin to eliminate the bad stuff.

Here are the top 5 foods on your list

  1. Avocado – healthy monounsaturated fats, helps to reduce insulin release which reduces fat storage, and has been found to help with weight management when consumed 2-3 times a week. They also provide you with a rich source of potassium and Vitamin K. (Eat half an avocado 3 days this week) You can add salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime juice to give it a nice flavor. I like to add it into my salads it makes the salad taste that much better! 
  2. Eggs- Great source of protein, healthy fats and also very cost effective. Don’t ditch the yolk ,it provides you with a source of Vitamin A, D, and E! This high protein food keeps you fuller for longer and eating fewer calories.  Research has found that for every 1% increase of protein intake, people decrease their calories by 32-50 calories a day.  You can boil, scramble them, or make an omelet  so you don’t get bored ( Try eggs for breakfast 1 or 2 times this week) 
  3. Salmon – Good source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. They actually have the ability to turn on fat burning genes. It’s also very good for preventing cardiovascular disease, The American Heart Association recommends consuming fatty fish such as salmon 2 x a week to get the full benefits. 
  4. Spinach- a very nutrient dense food because it is low in calories yet very high in vitamins and minerals.  It provides an excellent source of iron, magnesium, Vitamin K and Calcium. It is considered a high alkaline food meaning it helps keep your PH level higher.  When you consume too many acidic foods you are more prone to getting sick, fatigue, and having skin breakouts.  Spinach is also very versatile, you can eat it raw in a salad, put it in your morning smoothie, or it can be cooked.  ( Try adding in 1 cup of spinach to 3 of your meals  this week) 
  5. Grapefruit –  Very high in vitamin C which helps to support the immune system. They also contains caretonoids which have disease preventing properties especially the grapefruits that are pink or red. Many studies that found that eating even half a grapefruit a few times a week can lower your blood levels of LDL which is considered the ” bad” cholesterol.