As race day approaches, I really started taking the time to reevaluate my whole journey and experience thus far. Through the rigorous training, the miles of running and cycling, the lonely nights in the pool, I have been able to connect with myself more than ever before. It’s been such a life changing experience to train for this event, I sometimes get lost in all of it but at the same time I have found myself. So many different emotions have come to the surface throughout the training process,  fear, doubt, pain, but most of all joy and happiness.

This sport is a lonely sport, it’s just you out there pushing yourself day in and day out. I chose to train for Ironman 70.3 because I felt that at this point in my life there is so much growth and change happening. It’s been an exciting 2.5 years building a business from scratch and watching it grow and progress steadily. When I think of myself in the last 2 years, so much has happened and changed. There is  much more to come and training for this race keeps me focused, disciplined and always striving for more.

I believe that Ironman came at the right point in my life, I didn’t think twice before buying my bike and starting this journey. Every time I hit a wall when training, I am forced to dig deep and find the strength to move forward. I got into running pretty seriously when I was 18 years, it helped me through depression while in university, coming out of the closet and get through tough times in relationships.

Running is a must for me, I will not and can’t give it up because of what It has done for me and how it has changed me profoundly. It re sparked  a fire in  parts of my heart and soul that I thought we’re gonna die.  It  is a gift and In a way it is the love of my life, I will always be grateful for having stumbled across this sport and now the sport of triathlon.

Less than 8 weeks to go till race day!