The holidays are just around the corner, as soon as December hits the parties, food, and alcohol seem to be endless. Is maintaining your weight and staying in shape this holiday season on the top of your wish list?
It does take determination, motivation and self discipline to get through the next month without overindulging too much especially if most people around you are not following the same lifestyle. If you are committed here are some strategies to stay on track, comes New Years you will be thanking yourself.
  1. Schedule your training wisely – Just like you should be careful about how you indulge, you should also plan your training schedule.  Your training timing is important especially when taking into consideration the big holiday meals. You should be using that turkey and stuffing for fuel and  to replenish nutrients. Weight training before or after your meal is good idea because you will be putting those extra carbs and fat to good use. Remember food equals fuel!
  1. Prepare and plan ahead – the holidays might mean those extra  baked goods and treats but it doesn’t mean you should stop prepping your meals for the week.  I know the holiday hustle and bustle might make planning more difficult but remember that to stay on track you will need to work around it. Plan your menu for the week on Sunday to keep yourself in check. I m not saying don’t indulge,  have a few treats but  by  following a solid meal plan it will keep you focused and less likely  to be led astray by all the cakes, cookies and other treats.
  1. Don’t drink your calories – Are you aware that just one cup of egg nog contains 19 grams of fat and over 300calories? This is the easiest way to create a major calories surplus and in the end leaving you wanting to eat more.  During the holidays i always choose the high calories meal or dessert instead of the egg nog and rum or other high calorie alcoholic beverage. Food is much more satisfying so go for the lower calorie drink options instead. For example – Vodka soda with a lime, a dry white wine or low sugar vodka cranberry drink. That way each drink is about 100-130 calories as opposed to 300-400 calories!
  1. Eat special holiday treats, not foods you can eat all year round –  I believe you should enjoy the holidays but instead of saying yes to every baked good in sight, go for the special seasonal treats that you love. I love gingerbread cookies and cinnamon nutmeg cake even more, so if im at a party or at home i will make sure not to go for the extra chocolate chip cookie or chips that i can have any time of the year. Only  Indulge in the foods that are around once a year! You will save yourself some extra calories that way
  1. Go for full body workouts if time is limited –  You happen to be very busy and miss a workout on Monday which was supposed to be your planned (biceps and back) routine and then something came up on Thursday and you have to miss your (legs) routine.  Instead of throwing in the towel until next week when things die down, try performing full body routines or at home body weight circuits. It’s ok to set aside your tight split routine program for a few weeks at least this way you’re getting a full body workout in.  Play around with it, add in supersets and cardio bursts to increase your heart rate, make it challenging!